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Needle Expo 2021

Designs below will be released in March at Needle Expo 2021. This page will be updated often!



Designs and descriptions by Jeannine McGowan


This is the first entry in a new "Tudor-inspired" series. This design features a central bee with a surrounding of roses and honeycomb.


This is the second of the "Tudor-inspired" designs so far. The border was initially drawn from a chapel ceiling at Hampton Court palace, and the motif of the swan is very common in Tudor art (often symbolizing fidelity in love).


The inspiration for this piece came from a profusion of wildflowers (although I've taken some poetic license with a few of them). The text comes from a Canadian poet, Marjorie Pickthall, and her poem "Daisy Time."

Language of Flowers - Spring

This is the newest in the Language of Flowers series. In the depths of winter I always begin to dream of spring flowers. This design comes from one of the meanings assigned to the Narcissus plant - "The sun shines when I'm with you."

The Gentle Rain

 So for this chart I have designed a group of spring flowers and trees. The central feature is an enormous birdbath with ducks and ducklings, a swan and some cygnets.

Designs by Blue Flower

Designs and descriptions by The Blue Flower. Releases expected first week in March 2021.


Lindy Stitches

Cute and lovable designs

Jackelopian Tapesty

Look at how handsome Jack looks!

Edna Goes To Brunch

Stitch count 133x96

Hedgehog House

The cutest hedgehog in A fun and bright design. It’s Spring!!

Luminous Fober Arts

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Gathering Clover

Second Item

Third Item